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LSSTDA Workers

Once the state-of-the-art Vera C. Rubin Observatory in Chile is completed in 2025, the Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) will begin. The observatory and camera were designed to produce the widest, deepest, and most complete map of the Universe at incredible speed.  

Over ten years, LSST will collect nearly 1000 images of each location of half the sky, helping scientists understand our dynamic Universe, including moving solar system objects and exploding stars. In its first year alone, this extraordinary survey will map more of the sky than all previous maps combined and launch a revolution in humankind’s understanding of the Universe.  

The Discovery Alliance facilitates resources and funding to help researchers analyze and draw meaning from this vast stream of rich, complex data. We accelerate major breakthroughs by creating bold programs that foster inclusion, scientific networks, and multi-disciplinary collaboration, building on our deep connections across the Rubin LSST ecosystem.

Together, we will make possible a shared vision of scientific discovery on a once-in-a-generation scale.

LSST Corporation is now LSST Discovery Alliance

Look for our new website in the fall of 2023!