2022 Summer Student Program

An image of a group of undergraduate and graduate students attending the 2022 Project Community Workshop in Tucson, Arizona.

Each year, the LSST Discovery Alliance (LSST-DA) Summer Student Program brings an international cadre of students together at a major Rubin LSST collaboration meeting. 

We supported 12 undergraduate and 23 graduate students’ attendance at the 2022 Project Community Workshop (PCW) in Tucson, Arizona, in August.  Both of the graduate and undergraduate students presented a 30-second pitch at the poster pitch session.

Applications for this program were oversubscribed with 54 outstanding proposals, 35 of which were from LSST-DA Institutional Members, a combination of graduate students and undergrads.

On the first day, Ron Harris, NOIRLab Machine Shop Director, conducted an interesting and enlightening tour of the NOIRLab Machine Shop for the students. The students were engaged and very excited about the machinery in the lab. 

Next, the students attended a tour of the Caris Mirror Lab conducted by Cathi Duncan, Development Manager. These mirrors represent a radical departure from the conventional solid-glass mirrors used in the past, producing a new generation of telescopes now exploring the universe in optical and infrared light. They have a honeycomb structure on the inside, made out of Ohara E-6 low expansion glass which is molded by melting it into a honeycomb interior while spin casting in a custom-designed rotating oven. Honeycomb mirrors offer the advantages of their solid counterparts – rigidity and stability – but they can be significantly larger and dramatically lighter.