Dan Peluso

LSST Discovery Alliance

Director of Strategic Engagement

Dan Peluso joined LSST Discovery Alliance (LSST-DA) on May 20, 2024, leveraging valuable experience in astronomy, education, and science communication. As Director of Strategic Engagement, he facilitates and advances collaboration, engagement, fundraising, media relations, and strategic communication efforts for LSST-DA, its key participants, and their shared missions and goals. Additionally, he conducts independent research in democratizing science and education.

Previously, Dan conducted research on exoplanets, citizen science, and astronomy education with the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ), the SETI Institute, and the American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA). His PhD thesis from UniSQ enhanced exoplanet research through citizen science efforts and showed that public school teachers and students with no prior experience can learn astrophysics by doing astrophysics (e.g., exoplanet observations, photometry, and data analysis). His published peer-reviewed papers have involved over 200 citizen astronomers around the world (including high school students). He is also an accomplished astronomy teacher at the high school, community college, and graduate level.

Dan holds degrees in Music Business (A.A.S.), Media & Professional Communications (B.A.), Natural Sciences (B.S.), Science Education (M.Ed.), and Astrophysics (Ph.D.). His diverse background includes a career in the music industry and as a singer-songwriter with the original indie pop rock group Falling Andes. His current personal passion project includes writing, producing, and performing as Conner Eko, where his original music has aired on SiriusXM satellite radio and has had over 75,000 streams on Spotify.