Development Committee

The Development Committee shall assist the development team in raising philanthropic capital to help LSST-DA fulfill its mission to maximize science opportunities with the LSST. The Development Committee Charter can be found here.


  1. The Committee will identify strategies and prospects for LSST-DA to engage, cultivate, and solicit over time. Current resources will be assessed, and recommendations will be made to the Executive Board regarding enhancements to the development effort.
  2. The Committee will act as a sounding board for the development team, including the Senior Director of Development and the Director for Science. It will review current and future priorities and recommend strategies for engagement, marketing, and stewardship.

Current Members

  • Harry Ferguson, Chair, Space Telescope Science Institute  
  • Nancy Felix, Carnegie Mellon University  
  • David MacFarlane, SLAC/National Accelerator Laboratory  
  • Michael Wood-Vasey (ex officio), University of Pittsburgh  
  • Jeno Sokoloski (ex officio), LSST Discovery Alliance  
  • Beth Willman (ex officio), LSST Discovery Alliance


  1. At least five (5) members, exclusive of the Executive Board Chair and Executive Officer (ex-officio non-voting members).
    1. No fewer than one (1) member of the Institutional Board Representatives.
    2. No more than five (5) members drawn from experts in philanthropy (both institutional and Foundations), marketing, business, or other non-profit work.


  1. The Committee will meet at least quarterly to review the status of the development effort, make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding how to support the development effort and provide suggestions (where possible) for potential prospects. Ideally, the committee will meet in person during the two face-to-face meetings of the Corporation board.
  2. The Committee will report regularly to the Board of Directors.
  3. The Committee shall maintain minutes.


  1. The Committee shall prepare an annual written report to the Board of Directors one month prior to one of the bi-annual Face-to-Face Board meetings (April and October).