International Relations Committee

The International Relations Committee oversees the agreement between LSST-DA and the International Contributors (ICs): institutions, organizations, or consortia that enable participation in the scientific exploitation of Rubin Observatory LSST data.


This Committee will: 

  1. Continue to develop and build strong relationships, communicating and collaborating with international partners, to ensure the international community is connected to the Rubin science community, especially the Science Collaborations. These efforts will recognize the particularly important role of the international members of the LSST-DA.
  2. Coordinate with LSST-DA private philanthropy for science efforts. While the Development & Fundraising and Enabling Science committees have the larger remit for this, this committee will include this as part of its overall role to discuss and coordinate philanthropic opportunities with International partners.
  3. Explore ways that the international community, working together with LSST-DA, can find ways to pool resources in coordination with private philanthropy to enhance data access and scientific productivity from the Vera Rubin Observatory LSST program.

Current Members

  • Michael Wood-Vasey, Chair, University of Pittsburgh  
  • Adriano Fontana, INAF  
  • Rogério Rosenfeld, LIneA  
  • Michael Strauss, Princeton University  
  • Masahiro Takada, Kavli IPMU  
  • Michael Wood-Vasey, ex officio, University of Pittsburgh  
  • Beth Willman, ex officio, LSST Discovery Alliance


The proposed structure is made up of two ex-officio (non-voting) members and seven voting members, as follows:

  1. Ex-officio members (2)
    1. LSSTC Executive Officer
    2. Chair of LSSTC Executive Board
  2. Voting members (7)
    1. Chilean representative (1)
      1. There should always be a member representing Chile in recognition of the unique role of Chile as the host country for the LSST Project. 
    2. Six (6) members chosen from the Member Institutions:
      1. At least one (1) to be a member of the LSSTC Executive Board.
      2. At least three (3) to represent International Member Institutions.
      3. Members are to serve on a rotating basis for two-year terms, with two of the first five members serving three-year terms to ensure continuity.