Our Member Institutions

LSST Discovery Alliance is a coalition of more than 30 member institutions committed to maximizing the potential of Rubin LSST through inclusive participation in scientific discovery. Join us in changing how science is done, how it’s funded, and who’s at the table.

In addition, our Expansion Partnership Program invites member institutions to initiate a funded partnership with a small or under-resourced institution, with the goal of diversifying our scientific community.

Current Member Institutions

Michael Zevin
Johan Knapen
Eva Grebel
Rachel Mandelbaum
Louise Edwards
Chicago Area Partners (IIT/CCCs)
Emily Leiner
Kathryn Johnston
Rosaria ‘Sara’ Bonito
Brice Menard
Patricia Burchat
Luiz da Costa
Lisa Storrie-Lombardi
Coryn Bailer-Jones
Vicky Kalogera
Knut Olsen
Michael Strauss
John Peterson
Eric Gawiser
Robert Quimby
Stu Feldman
David MacFarlane
Krista Lynne Smith
Michael Prouza
Don Schneider
Buell Jannuzi
Universidad de Atacama – Chile Representative
Carlos Ferreira
Christopher Theissen
Joaquin Vieira
Ian Shipsey
Jeffrey Newman
Renee Hlozek
Maryam Modjaz
Suzanne Hawley
Larry Gladney

 * Founding Member