Jennifer Sokoloski

LSST Discovery Alliance

Director of LINCC and Catalyst Fellowship

Jennifer (Jeno) Sokoloski directs LSST-DA’s overall LINCC initiative, including directorship of the LSST-DA Catalyst Fellowship funded by the John Templeton Foundation. In these roles, she led the implementation of LSST-DA’s vision for LINCC, including engaging the astrophysics community in LINCC Frameworks. In her former role as the LSST-DA Director for Science, which began in 2018, she led the original team that envisioned LINCC as a major, multi-faceted initiative that centers participation by the widest possible sector of the astrophysics community in maximizing the scientific output of Rubin LSST.

Sokoloski has degrees in physics from MIT and UC Berkeley and has held NSF International and NSF Astronomy & Astrophysics postdoctoral fellowships. She currently leads an active research program on eruptive and interacting binary stars at Columbia University. Before joining LSST-DA, she served on the Executive Board and as the Executive Board Chair of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO).