Michael Wood-Vasey

University of Pittsburgh

Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Michael Wood-Vasey has been involved in leading the science planning for supernova science with the Vera C. Rubin Observatory LSST survey for the past 15 years. He has been a member of the Executive Board of the LSST Corporation (now LSST Discovery Alliance) since 2019. He is currently co-chair of the Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC) Computing Committee. Michael previously served as the Scientific Spokesperson for the third generation of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey project.

Wood-Vasey’s research focuses on discovering the nature of the dark energy currently accelerating the expansion rate of the Universe. He uses the tools of observational astronomy to address this question of fundamental physics. The general technical theme of his research work is moving into the next generation of time-domain astronomy, where we will be analyzing large data sets using sophisticated databases and asking new kinds of questions as we continue our exploration of the Universe.

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