Wasabi Technologies

Wasabi Technologies was the first founding Corporate Philanthropic Partner of LSST-DA and recently renewed its partnership in 2023. As an innovator in the cloud storage industry, Wasabi recognizes the immense power of data in shaping our world. They quickly saw the potential for remarkable scientific discoveries arising out of Rubin LSST and the challenges in harnessing this unprecedented stream of data.

Wasabi’s investment has already directly funded Discovery Alliance operations and made it possible to award a special grant of $25,000 to the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign to develop methods for studying explosive phenomena in the Universe using future LSST data.

A visionary in hot cloud storage

Wasabi provides simple and affordable hot cloud storage all over the world. It enables organizations to store and instantly access an unlimited amount of data with no complex tiers or egress or API fees, delivering predictable costs that save money and deliver industry-leading security and performance. Trusted by customers worldwide, Wasabi has been recognized as one of technology’s fastest-growing and most visionary companies.

Find out what Wasabi can do for your organization

Built for large enterprises, Wasabi is the ideal storage target for a wide variety of use cases, from active archives to offsite backups. They provide enterprise-grade cloud storage with 13 global storage regions. All data is readily accessible no matter how you classify it: hot, cool, or cold.

If your company is interested in becoming a Corporate Philanthropic Partner, contact Beth Willman, CEO, for more information.

“Wasabi’s commitment to extending our partnership with LSST Discovery Alliance is crucial to our belief that data storage can lead to great discoveries! Together, we are ecstatic to embark on a journey of exploration, knowledge, and wonder, pushing the boundaries of human understanding. As stewards of our community, we are humbled and honored to play a part in this endeavor and look forward to the groundbreaking discoveries that lie ahead.”

Julie Barry, Vice President, Global Brand & Communications