A graphic of Africa surrounded by different colors of broken apart circles and including a red dot for a location in Cape Town, South Africa. Below this says XXXII International Astronomical Union General Assembely. Below this are the words Cape Town, South Africa, 2024.

IAU Travel Fund for African Astronomers

November 7, 2023

Every three years, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) organizes a General Assembly (GA) where thousands of astronomers meet to discuss progress in their scientific field.…

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Eight headshots stacked together of the selected Catalyst Fellows for 2023.

Please welcome our 2023 Catalyst Fellows

October 20, 2023

The second cohort of LSST Discovery Alliance Catalyst Fellows funded by the John Templeton Foundation has begun! The Catalyst Fellowship aims to realize the full…

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Horizontal LSST Discovery Alliance logo.

LSSTC is now LSST Discovery Alliance

September 8, 2023

Same organization. New name. Same programs (for now). Clarified mission.  Our goal is to maximize the impact of Rubin LSST through support from member institutions,…

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Spring 2023 Newsletter

September 7, 2023

Program Updates LINCC Frameworks Incubators The LINCC Frameworks Incubators program (or “LINCCubators” as we have come to know it) is designed to accelerate scientific discoveries…

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Rubin LSST Software Infrastructure White Paper 

July 14, 2023

We are happy to share a draft community white paper on cross-cutting analysis software needs that will support a wide range of early LSST science cases. This…

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Side-by-side headshots of Kathryn Johnston and Michael Wood-Vasey.

Welcome Our New Board Chair and Vice Chair

May 14, 2023

Starting May 1, 2023, the LSSTC Executive Board of Directors will have a new chair and co-chair. Michael Wood-Vasey from the University of Pittsburgh is…

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Amanda Wasserman

LSSTC 2022 Enabling Science Wasabi Technologies Award Recipient

July 29, 2022

LSSTC/Wasabi Technologies Call for Proposals was available to fund a single LSSTC Member Institution, providing $25K for a graduate student, postdoc, or research scientist, including…

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Six headshots of the first-ever Social-Science Dimension awardees, including their names: Arrykrishna Mootoovaloo, Azalee Bostroem, Christopher Carroll, Somayeh Khakpash, Tansu Daylan, and Emily Cunningham.

First Astrophysics Fellowship to Include a Social-Science Dimension Announces Awardees

July 6, 2022

The first six LSSTC Catalyst Fellows funded by the John Templeton Foundation have been selected to conduct cross-disciplinary work on big data from US astronomy’s…

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Headshot of Will Clarkson.

New Science Collaboration Coordinator, Dr. Will Clarkson

May 24, 2022

Join us in congratulating the new Science Collaboration (SC) Coordinator, Dr. Will Clarkson! We appreciate his willingness to serve in this role and his ongoing…

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Spring 2022 Newsletter

April 10, 2022

As the Rubin Observatory’s Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) moves towards commissioning and first light, the LSST Corporation moved into 2022 with a…

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Spring 2021 Newsletter

February 28, 2021

Read our 2021 newsletter to learn what LSSTC has been doing to prepare as LSST accelerates toward commissioning and first light.

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Spring 2020 Newsletter

February 28, 2020

Read our 2020 newsletter to learn what LSSTC has been doing to prepare as LSST accelerates toward commissioning and first light.

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