Dark Energy Schools and Hack Days at LSST DESC Meetings – 1st Workshop

Workshop Description

A Dark Energy School and Hack Day will “book-end” the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC) meetings at SLAC in March 2016, at Oxford in July 2016, and at two DESC meetings in 2017. The DE School featured interactive lessons on both technical and scientific topics relevant to the exploration of dark energy. The Hack Day supported small teams to work together in designing and developing solutions to immediate challenges. These training days target graduate students and postdocs but are open to scientists at all career stages. The programs emphasize active learning, small-group discussions and problem-solving, and interactive code development practices, including pair coding and mentoring. DE Schools and Hack Days were first held at DESC meetings in 2015 at SLAC and ANL.

Workshop Details

  • Date: March 7-11, 2016
  • Location: Stanford University (SLAC)

Workshop Support

LSSTC Support:  $35,000 ($8,750 for each workshop)