Elizabeth Heile, Director of Finance and Administration

Elizabeth Heile (she/they) joined the LSST Discovery Alliance team as Director of Finance and Administration in June 2024. In this role, Elizabeth oversees the day-to-day internal operations, spearheads the development of business and financial infrastructure, and crafts policies crucial to the organization’s success. Her responsibilities include managing corporate agreements, overseeing budget and fund operations, and leading financial reporting efforts.

Bringing over a decade of experience in both nonprofit and for-profit finance, Elizabeth has a rich background that includes producing and being a finance manager with independent films in her home state of Washington. She holds degrees in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Anderson-UCLA, and in Behavioral Science (B.A.) from Rice University.

Elizabeth is currently involved in the “Counting Stars” documentary, which chronicles the construction of the groundbreaking camera for the Rubin Observatory. This documentary highlights the technical efforts and scientific curiosity of a diverse group of experts, ranging from astronomers to software engineers and citizen scientists, uniting around the vast data collected by the LSST telescope to advance our understanding of the universe.