First LINCC Up – Event Recap

Group photo of attendees of LINCC Up

On January 10-11, 2023, the University of Washington (UW) hosted LINCC Frameworks‘ first in-person meeting – “LINCC Up.” The two-day meeting was an opportunity for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and team building among LINCC Frameworks team members from both UW and Carnegie Mellon University. Research scientists, software engineers, and invited guests spent two days presenting current work and brainstorming about future endeavors.  

The first day began with a conversation about why LINCC Frameworks was created and the broader vision of the team. Project overviews were followed by discussions about the purpose and scope of each LINCC Frameworks activity. The first day’s meetings concluded with an open brainstorming session devoted to identifying new Rubin LSST science that could come from the collaboration of scientists and software engineers. Day Two started with an introduction to the new LINCC Frameworks Incubator program and brainstorming about how it will be implemented. Two additional brainstorming sessions followed, one focusing on how LINCC can engage with the broader software development community and another on team process and efficiency.

In addition to fully utilizing our opportunity to have technical discussions in person, a substantial effort was invested in encouraging team members to socialize and get to know each other. After almost six months of virtual collaboration, it was wonderful to have time together both at a whiteboard and at a lunch table. Group meals, a private planetarium show (hosted by Andy Connolly), and a collaborative art project allowed for much-needed social time. Practically speaking, almost every LINCC Frameworks project benefited from the in-person interactions by making breakthroughs and establishing future plans.  The social ties that were established will be even longer lasting.

By Drew Oldag, LINCC Frameworks Software Engineer