Join LSST Discovery Alliance

Credit: LSST-DA/T. Licul

Together, we can realize a shared vision of scientific discovery on a once-in-a-lifetime scale.

LSST Discovery Alliance (LSST-DA) invites applications from organizations engaged in activities that closely relate to Rubin LSST’s mission and that share LSST-DA’s values. This includes academic, scientific, educational, data-oriented, and/or philanthropic institutions. Our goal is to facilitate a broad and diverse participation of the international science community in LSST-DA and, by extension, the LSST scientific community.

Download the complete LSST-DA membership policy.

Member Benefits

LSST-DA’s deep and broad connections throughout the entire Rubin LSST ecosystem provide an opening for researchers at LSST-DA member institutions to have a transformational impact on Rubin LSST science. As a member, your institution will be well informed about all aspects of the Rubin LSST ecosystem, positioning your faculty and students for pivotal leadership roles, training, and funding opportunities.

Preferential access to resources

  • Priority access to all LSST-DA programs, including graduate student training opportunities, workshops, and software incubator proposals
  • Eligibility to host a prize postdoctoral fellow
  • Eligibility to request grants for LSST-related science and funded student travel

Increased influence and visibility

  • Leverage our work for your institution by helping design future programs
  • Attract faculty and students by demonstrating your commitment to big data in astrophysics
  • Show your dedication to inclusive and diverse scientific discovery
  • Establish a model for multiplying the scientific impact of a federally-funded research facility through private funding
  • Shape plans and programs through the Institutional Board and elected Executive Board

Member Responsibilities

While members are offered many optional ways to participate in developing and implementing Discovery Alliance programs, there are only a few responsibilities:

  • All members must abide by the LSST-DA bylaws, including the requirement to provide six months of notice to withdraw membership. 
  • All members must assign an Institutional Representative to attend a monthly meeting and share information about LSST-DA programs and opportunities with the institution. Each Institutional Member will have one vote for the Executive Board.
  • All standard members must pay dues each calendar year to support LSST-DA operations costs. Dues during the first calendar year will be prorated.