Angelle Tanner

Angelle Tanner

Associate Professor, Mississippi State University

My primary area of research involved the detection, confirmation, and characterization of extrasolar planets with a focus on radial velocity surveys. This area of research will be heavily impacted by the data collected with the Rubin telescope. Not only does the telescope have the potential to discover new transiting planets, but its data products will enable ongoing exoplanet surveys by providing multiwavelength light curves of the host stars. This will allow us to characterize the stellar activity of the stars around which radial velocity planets are being confirmed. The photometric time series can also be used to determine the rotational period of the star which could lead to a better determination of its age. In addition to exoplanets, I have been developing an SQL database and web application entitled the Starchive. LSST will be collecting data on millions of stars and the Starchive will be an excellent example of the type of user-centered catalog that could help astronomers produce the most impactful science with these large datasets.      

As a mentor, I will be able to introduce researchers to the multiple techniques used to discover and characterize exoplanets. If they are interested in data science, then my experience with the development of the Starchive will be useful. I have written the python codes to query and retrieve data from the database as well as the HTML/Javascript/CSS/Jinja2 code which dictates how the web application functions. I have been mentoring researchers at multiple career stages or almost 20 years and will continue to provide anyone who works with me a safe and informative environment in which to thrive. We will set aside time to discuss career skills, communication and networking tips as well as any DEI issues that the mentee may find important to discuss.

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