Breanna Binder

Breanna Binder

Associate Professor, Cal Poly Pomona

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I am interested in using multiwavelength observations to characterize accreting objects, particularly X-ray binaries hosting neutron stars and black holes, and the environments in which they form and reside. X-ray binaries are believed to be the progenitors of double compact object binaries, millisecond pulsars, and some gamma ray bursts, while their prior evolution as a binary star system leaves imprints on their current orbital parameters and physical characteristics. These unique systems thus provide an incredible window into a variety of complex stellar evolution processes that are, at the moment, poorly understood. 

I am excited to use the Rubin Observatory’s incredible time series data to analyze the optical variability of these extreme systems, which will tell us more about the processes by which the compact object accretes material from its “donor” star companion and will enable the measurement of precise orbital parameters for a large sample of nearby X-ray binaries. I am a data preview delegate and a co-investigator on the NSF project Establishing a diverse community of expert Rubin Observatory users throughout the California State University System (PI Louise Edwards). As a faculty member at Cal Poly Pomona, a primarily undergraduate institution, I spend much of my time developing and implementing student-centered activities in introductory and advanced astronomy and physics courses and mentoring undergraduate students on a wide variety of astronomy research projects.

Here is an ADS link to all my publications for those interested in getting a feel for my research.

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