Chris Conselice

Chris Conselice

Professor of Extragalactic Astronomy, University of Manchester

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I have been a member of the Galaxies SC for almost 10 years and was the first UK chair of the group.  I was also one of the people who set up the LSST (now Rubin):UK group, including help writing the funding proposal.  I am a full professor at the University of Manchester and have been a tutor, mentor, supervisor, or advisor to several hundred students over the past 20 years.  I did my undergraduate, PhD and post-doc in the USA, so I have a good knowledge of both the American and European academic and funding environment.  

My research interests spans all of galaxy history and with LSST, although I am interested mostly in studying the most distant galaxies, as well as faint low surface brightness galaxies and features of galaxies in the nearby universe. I am also heavily involved in working to combine Rubin and Euclid data and I am co-lead of the Legacy Science for Euclid and a member of the Science Coordination Group (with 6 members total).   I understand how the Rubin SCs work and operate and would be able to guide a younger colleague to make the most of Rubin and all the excellence science it can do.   As I am involved in many projects with Rubin I would also be happy to collaborate or guide a mentee through the entire process.  Perviously I was a mentor as part of the Dark Energy Survey and found that process to be quite rewarding. I also am committed to equity and inclusion in society and astronomy and  within the Rubin community.

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