Maryam Modjaz

Maryam Modjaz

Professor of Astronomy, University of Virginia

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My research focuses on observational stellar death astrophysics, specifically Gamma-Ray Bursts and Supernovae, which are among the most powerful explosions in the universe, as well as a growing class of exotic transients. 

My mentoring philosophy centers the mentee and their needs. I have advised 8 postdocs directly, who are now either in academia, at NASA or in data science positions, during my time as faculty at University of Virginia and formerly faculty at NYU. I hope to expand the fellow’s perspectives and to provide career advice and career resources with the help of my many networks, vast literature on mentoring & inclusion, as well as my leadership & community positions, which include being former director of Physics DEI at NYU, reviewer for NSF and NASA for their inclusion plans as well as other programs that are relevant for smaller/underserved institutions, and working with higher education leadership as a former Faculty Fellow in Residence.

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