Silvia Piranomonte

Silvia Piranomonte

Staff Researcher, Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF)

Silvia Piranomonte

My primary interests involve gravitational waves sources and the study of their optical infrared counterparts, in particular Gamma Ray Bursts and kilonovae. 

I’m part of the LSST/Vera Rubin Observatory collaboration inside the Transients and Variable Stars (TVS) Science Collaboration (SC).

I’m a also member of ENGRAVE (Electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources at the Very Large Telescope) which represents major groups across the European Southern Observatory (ESO) member states that have formed over the last few years to use the VLT (and ESO’s 2-4m telescopes) for the follow-up study of the electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational waves.  

Together with my group, I’m working on studying the efficiency of several machine learning tools in selecting transients using light-curves available in Rubin’s DP0 data. 

Furthermore, we are investigating how Rubin-LSST data will enhance our ability to constrain the parameters of kilonova models. Considering different configurations of telescope observational cadences, filter distributions, and sky coverage, we will be able to determine the best observational strategy that will allow us to collect enough detections and color information to derive a better description of kilonovae in all stages of their evolution.

Among various machine learning algorithms, the goals that could be achieved in this context in the coming months are related to the study of applications such as: (i) a deep learning algorithm to classify and estimate parameters from the photometric light curves of kilonovae; (ii) artificial intelligence algorithms to select the best possible configuration among exposure time, filter selection, and observational cadence to apply to a given follow-up dedicated to the joint detection of GW and EM counterparts.

These endeavors could also be useful, for example, in the preparation of multimessenger science for international projects dedicated to the construction of future interferometers such as the Einstein Telescope and the Lunar Gravitational Wave Antenna in which I’m contributing to white papers and blue books as a scientific expert in Time Domain Astronomy.

With significant experience on multi-messenger data analysis with both GWs and electromagnetic data, I am well-equipped to contribute in driving forward the multi-messenger focus within the Rubin TVS subgroup dedicated to the search of electromagnetic counterparts of GW sources. 

Inside the Rubin Community I already supervised one postdoc and a PhD student.

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