An image of dozens of people gathered for a photoshoot by a city river in France for the third European LSST conference.

The third conference in the series, this meeting continued the tradition of bringing together European scientists with an interest in LSST and providing them an opportunity to interact with leaders of the LSST Project and the LSST Science Collaborations, as well as each other.

Objectives for this meeting included:

  • Providing an update on the status of the LSST Project and LSST Science Collaborations
  • Further developing the network of European scientists involved in various aspects of LSST
  • Providing an update on LSST Data Management Prompt (Level 1) and Data Release (Level 2) data products
  • Discussing the European potential for the development of LSST User Generated (Level 3) data products and tools
  • Discussing the European potential for the development of LSST deep drilling field and mini-survey programs
  • Promoting increased European scientist engagement via the LSST Science Collaboration parallel sessions

Meeting Details

  • Date: June 11-15, 2018
  • Location: Langues et de Cultures; Lyon, France

Meeting Support

LSSTC Support: $10,000