Near-Earth Object (NEO) Workshop

Workshop Description

The Congressional George E. Brown, Jr. mandate instructs NASA to implement a Near-Earth Object (NEO) survey to catalog 90% of NEOs with diameters larger than 140 meters by the year 2020. The LSST is capable of delivering such a survey, as indicated by project-led simulations. However, such simulations require a number of decisions about inputs, such as criteria for what (simulated or real) observations are required to consider an object discovered. In order to meaningfully compare simulations of LSST produced by different tools and teams or to compare simulations of different systems, a consensus by community experts about the input parameters is required.

One of the main aims of this workshop was to enable experts to begin a discussion toward a consensus and to develop common approaches and tools to facilitate improved understanding, meaningful comparison, and optimization of NEO surveys, both individually and as an ensemble. The workshop was intended to be informal and interactive, with more than half of the allocated time reserved for discussion. We anticipate a follow-up workshop in six to 12 months to review progress and explore the possibility of enhancements, such as simulation of follow-up resources.

Workshop Details

  • Date: October 3-4, 2016
  • Location: University of Washington
  • More information: Workshop website

Workshop Support

LSSTC Support: $5,000 (additional workshop support from the B612 Foundation and NASA’s NEO Office)