Become a Catalyst Fellowship Mentor

The LSST Discovery Alliance (LSST-DA) is seeking researchers with an interest in Rubin LSST science who are willing to help mentor postdocs in the cross-disciplinary LSST-DA Catalyst Fellowship program. Funded by the John Templeton Foundation, this Fellowship brings together astronomers, physicists, and data scientists planning research with Rubin LSST, as well as social scientists interested in how astrophysicists can productively collaborate and conduct research in the era of big data. 

Expansion Mentor Candidates

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from astrophysicists who would like to serve as Catalyst Expansion Mentors. The intent for Expansion Mentors is to expand the perspective of Catalyst Fellows, preparing them for effective leadership within a diverse and evolving astrophysics community. Thus, priority will be given to candidate Expansion Mentors from small institutions (which could be predominantly undergraduate or teaching-focused), small astrophysics groups, or historically minority-serving institutions. Candidate Expansion Mentors from larger institutions who have particular experiences relevant to understanding and navigating diversity in the Rubin science community will also be considered. Candidate Expansion Mentors who are invited by a Catalyst Fellow to join that fellow’s mentoring committee and who accept that invitation will be awarded $50K over the course of three years for their participation. Learn more about mentor expectations.

Acceptance as a candidate Expansion Mentor does not constitute formal acceptance of your institution as an Expansion Institution for purposes of LSST Discovery Alliance membership.

Express Interest

If you are an astronomer or astrophysicist beyond the postdoc stage of your career and would like to be considered, please complete this form to express interest. You can upload a CV (any length; short is fine), a brief paragraph about your interest in Rubin LSST, and a brief paragraph about yourself and what diverse experiences you could bring to enrich the development of an LSST-DA Catalyst Fellow.