Catalyst Fellowship Mentors

Credit: LSST-DA/R. Quinn (Urban Abstrakt)

Each LSST-DA Catalyst Fellow in astrophysics has a local advisor at their home institution. They will also will work with LSST-DA to put together a Collaboration and Mentoring Committee (CMC) that includes the local advisor, two funded mentors, a social scientist, and an astrophysicist associated with LINCC. Learn more about mentoring goals and expectations.

Expansion Mentors

The intent of the expansion mentors is to expand the perspective of Catalyst Fellows, preparing them for effective leadership within a diverse and evolving astrophysics community that conducts research in a wide variety of environments. Click below to read about each of our expansion mentors.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from astrophysicists who would like to serve as Catalyst Expansion Mentors.

Science Collaboration Mentors

The intent of these mentors is to introduce the fellow to the basic organizational structure and goals of the science collaborations (SC), the activities within the SC, as well as leadership and other career opportunities that may be available. Mentors help the fellow navigate the SC ecosystem to ideally find opportunities that have high career or research benefits for the fellow. Click below to read about each of our science collaboration mentors.

* mentor candidate from Cohort 1