Aprajita Verma

University of Oxford

Senior Researcher

I am interested in the discovery and analysis of strong lenses discovered in Rubin. In particular, I am interested in the source properties of very high redshift strongly lensed galaxies as well as the properties of high redshift lenses. From a technical perspective, I contribute to the development of the strong lensing pipeline and the challenges faced by strong lensing discovery in Rubin data. This includes the integration of machine learning discovery algorithms and the interplay with visual inspection through citizen scientists. I am also interested in exploring the follow-up strategies required to maximize the return from Rubin strong lenses for diverse science cases with the goal of enabling coordinated and efficient follow-up with existing and forthcoming complementary facilities.

I have been strongly engaged with the SLSC since 2016 and was a past co-chair (2017-2020). I still retain a strong involvement in the collaboration’s activities and strategy. I am developing the SLSC roadmap tasks to enable the wide-ranging science probed by strong lensing. The goal is to consider all tasks that benefit the entirety of Rubin’s SL community. This straddles several science collaborations and diverse science cases. I hold an LSST-DA Enabling Science grant to bring the Rubin SL community together to develop strategies for and maximize the output from strong lensing science with Rubin.

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