Benne Holwerda

University of Louisville

Associate Professor of Physics

The combination of an LSST deep drilling field on the Chandra Deep Field South and HI observations in this field by the MeerKAT radio telescope opens up the possibility for synergy science using information from both: evolution in the Tully-Fischer relation, gas supply and galaxy properties, etc. I am part of the galaxies SC and liaison between HI and LSST science.

My mentoring philosophy is that I will work with anyone who has an interest in astronomy. And that the project should be tailored to the time and interests of the student. I do a lot of research with undergraduates and a few grad students at the University of Louisville, and I have experience with mentoring students on three different continents. At the University of Louisville, my emphasis lies in first-generation students (e.g. rural Kentucky or west Louisville) and women’s participation in astronomy

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