Dario Carbone

University of the Virgin Islands

Assistant Professor of Physics

My main research interests lie in time domain astronomy, and in particular in the characterization of the transient rate of high energy transient sources. The Vera C. Rubin Observatory promises to bring transformational results in this area, and that is my main interest in such a project.

Throughout my career, I worked in very diverse environments, from large institutions hosting students and faculties from a variety of nations and backgrounds to minority-serving institutions such as HSIs and HBCUs, like my current institution. I will bring my work and life experiences of such diverse backgrounds to the development of an LSST-DA Catalyst Fellow. Moreover, I worked both in very large collaborations and in small research groups, and I experienced all the pros and cons of both. These large collaborations taught me how to negotiate with many people, especially when writing publications and proposals, while the small research groups helped me improve on how to deal with the group leader in a more direct and personal manner.

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