Eric Feigelson

Pennsylvania State University

Distinguished Senior Scholar and Professor

I am interested in variable star surveys (as a member of the TVS Science Collaboration) and cross-disciplinary interests associated with statistical methodology (as a core member of the ISSC), both of which are challenged by the analysis of LSST lightcurves with sparse and irregular cadences. The analysis of LSST light curves with sparse and irregular cadences are both challenged. I am currently engaged in the ARIMA modeling of two million HATSouth light curves in the search for transiting exoplanets and periodicity search with ZTF photometry in the study of rotation and magnetic dynamos in young stars.  I led a proposal for an LSST micro-survey of an intensive study of one field during one night to study rapid variability from a million stars. 

In addition, I have been working in a cross-disciplinary way towards bringing the astronomical and statistical community in closer communication, organizing conferences and Summer Schools, and serving as Statistics Editor for astronomy journals. I have been a core team member of the LSST ISSC since its inception. Mentoring a Templeton LSST-DA Catalyst Fellow resonates well with my long-standing multi-disciplinary approach. I studied anthropology and religion in college and follow developments in social sciences today with avid interest.

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