Kim-Vy Tran

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for for Astrophysics

Associate Director for Internal Relations

I study how galaxies assemble over cosmic time by capitalizing on the high resolution, extreme sensitivity, and broad wavelength coverage of ground and space-based telescopes. My “superpower” is leading and managing international research teams. My experience includes the ZFOURGE, ZFIRE, and MOSEL surveys that provide benchmark measurements of galaxy scaling relations.

Especially relevant to LSST is my ongoing AGEL survey to confirm and study strong gravitational lenses in DES imaging. The AGEL lenses are initially identified with Convolutional Neural Networks, and our team is obtaining multi-wavelength follow-up observations. The AGEL survey is a pathfinder for LSST that will find tens of thousands of lenses. The first AGEL papers, including spectroscopic confirmation, are now available. Please see the dedicated AGEL website.

I am devoted to fostering a positive and supportive culture within astronomy and beyond. I chair the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee for the ASTRO 3D Centre of Excellence with over 250 members. We reached our goal of 50/50 gender representation in December 2021, an incredible achievement given gender representation in Physics & Astronomy is typically 20/80 (female/male).
As an LSST-DA mentor, my goal is to empower young people of diverse backgrounds to achieve their full potential. I was formerly on the faculty at the University of New South Wales and affiliated with the University of Washington. I now am the Associate Director for Internal Relations for the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

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