Marcel Agüeros

Columbia University

Associate Professor of Astronomy

I am interested in the properties of low-mass stars, and specifically in observationally exploring the relationship between age, rotation, and magnetic activity.

Most of my work involves characterizing photometrically and/or spectroscopically groups of stars for which we can obtain reasonable age estimates. I am therefore quite excited to see, for example, how LSST will extend our (still developing!) Gaia-based understanding of the membership and dynamics of open clusters. I also expect to mine its light curves to (I hope) measure longer rotation periods in fainter stars in these clusters and other stellar groups.

In addition, I have been a trustee of the American Astronomical Society, a member of a number of high-level reviews (for both the National Science Foundation and NASA), and am generally quite invested in how to train future scientific leaders (e.g., I serve as one of the faculty mentors for Columbia’s National Osterbrock Leadership Program, which is intended to prepare graduate students for leadership roles in our discipline). These efforts are an extension of my commitment to diversifying our profession; notably, I helped found and direct for a decade Columbia’s Bridge to the Ph.D. Program in STEM.

I hope that my experiences and perspective can be of some use to others making their way in our profession.

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