Michael Lam

Rochester Institute of Technology

Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy 

I am a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology working with the NANOGrav Collaboration. My main work revolves around noise analyses for the millisecond pulsars in the NANOGrav pulsar timing array. Our goal is the detection and characterization of nanohertz-frequency gravitational waves from the stochastic gravitational wave background and from individual sources, primarily supermassive black hole binaries. Gravitational-wave observations will complement our electromagnetic view of the Universe, and I am interested in connecting LSST observations with our gravitational-wave measurements and developing new time-domain analysis methods. I also work on pulsar timing observations, interstellar medium characterization, and cyber-infrastructure development for the collaboration.

In addition, I have been a heavy contributor to both public outreach and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility efforts both in NANOGrav and at RIT.

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