Mikael Granvik

University of Helsinki

Academic Research Fellow

My interests include small-body populations and, in particular, near-Earth objects. With the data provided by LSST, my aim is to understand the debiased distribution of NEOs and establish an evolutionary link between the physical and dynamical properties of main-belt asteroids and NEOs. I also have an interest in certain subpopulations of NEOs, such as minimoons and those with small perihelion distances, and in particular, their rapid follow-up observations with other facilities such as the NOT. I’ve been formally involved in VRO/LSST since 2010, and my contributions include the OpenOrb orbit-computation software, I foresee the need to add capabilities to OpenOrb to allow the community to take full advantage of the small-body data provided by LSST. My research interests also require that we have the ability to numerically estimate observational selection effects arising from LSST as well as estimate absolute magnitudes and colors, and I will also contribute to the development of those capabilities.

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