Rachel Street

Las Cumbres Observatory

Senior Scientist

My scientific interests focus on stellar transients, particularly microlensing, exoplanets, and a range of stellar science.  I am looking forward to exploring the Milky Way’s hidden populations of low-mass stars, brown dwarfs, planets, and black holes identified from their lensing signatures. LSST will be groundbreaking in this field, delivering a deep and wide survey of these populations across different galactic environments where they have previously been inaccessible. We will be able to determine their mass and spatial distributions, telling us a great deal about their formation and evolutionary mechanisms.

I am also interested in the development of software tools for astronomy, particularly those needed to optimize the highly dynamic observing programs that will be necessary to properly characterize many of LSST’s discoveries.  To that end, I am the PI of the TOM Toolkit project, and I work closely with the in-house software developers at Las Cumbres Observatory. 

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