Ricardo Demarco

Universidad de Concepción

Professor of Astronomy

I am interested in the study of galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and large-scale structures in the universe, particularly in the context of galaxy formation and evolution. Most of the work done so far has been focused on high-redshift (z>0.8) galaxies in high-density environments. The main scientific driver of this is to understand the star formation quenching process in galaxies (nature vs. nurture). More recently, I have been extending my research to lower redshift clusters of galaxies. I have been part of the SC since 2016, participating in its collaboration telecons and contributing to the Robertson et al. (2017; astro-ph:1708.01617) paper, as well as a couple of other documents. I am also participating in the low surface brightness galaxies group, and I am a DP0 delegate. I am interested in using LSST data to understand the role of the local environment in shaping the properties of galaxies, and I am working with colleagues from the Computer Science Department at UdeC on topics of data science and astrophysics that can be further developed with LSST.

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