Sarah Greenstreet

University of Washington

Research Scientist

Sarah Greenstreet is a research scientist at the University of Washington, and the near-Earth objects (NEOs) and interstellar objects (ISOs) working group lead within the Solar System Science Collaboration. As the NEO and ISO working group (WG) lead, she works to support the NEO and ISO science community in preparing to do science with LSST and to provide a voice for the WG to ensure the survey will meet their science goals. Sarah studies small body populations across the Solar System, including NEOs, asteroids, giant-planet co-orbitals, and Kuiper belt objects. She is particularly interested in ensuring that LSST will maximize its discoveries of little-known populations, such as NEOs on orbits entirely interior to Earth’s and Venus’ orbits (Atiras and “Vatiras”, respectively). Her work primarily focuses on better understanding the origins, dynamical histories, future trajectories, and possible impact probabilities of known small bodies and their larger populations.

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