Saurabh Jha

Rutgers University

Professor of Physics and Astronomy

My main research focus is the observational study of Type Ia supernovae (SN Ia). I am interested in understanding the properties of these exploding white dwarf stars: their progenitor systems, how they explode, and using this knowledge to turn them into tools with which to survey the Universe.

Soon the Vera Rubin Observatory and its Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) will find many thousands of SN Ia. This huge number of objects means we will need new methods to make the best use of the data. I am a member of the Rubin Transients & Variable Stars Science Collaboration and have Builder Status in the Rubin Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC), where I was the co-convener of the Supernova Working Group as well as the Observing Strategy Working Group. I was also a DESC Ombudsperson and now serve on the Rubin Survey Cadence Optimization Committee. The highest quality data for distant supernovae will come from space, I am part of a supernova Science Investigation Team for the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, and I am a member of the Roman Science Interest Group.  

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