Timo Anguita

Astrophysics Institute of Universidad Andrés Bello

Professor of Astronomy

In general, I am interested in strong lensing in all of its scales. However, most of my interest is in strongly lensed quasars: measuring H0, massive (lens) galaxies’ structure and evolution, and background AGN characterization through microlensing. I am particularly interested in using microlensing affected lensed quasar light curves to study the structure of background accretion disks.

I have been involved in the SLSC since early 2014. I have been a co-author and editor of the “COSEP” paper in 2017, dealing with the analysis of LSST observing strategy for both quasar microlensing and H0 measurements through time delays. I was a member of the science advisory committee from 2016-2019 and have been co-chair of the SLSC since 2019. As chair of the SLSC, beyond normal chairing duties, I have also led the SLSC cadence task force, among others.

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