Xiaohui Fan

University of Arizona

Associate Head of the Department of Astronomy

The University of Arizona is one of the founding members of LSST-DA. It is also one of the LINCC institutions and is co-located with Rubin/NORILab. There are LSST-related research activities across campus as well as in collaboration with NOIRLab, covering many key science and technical areas of LSST. My main interests in LSST are on the evolution of quasars and AGN, especially at high-redshift, in the context of using them to probe supermassive black hole growth in the early universe, black hole/galaxy co-evolution, the history of cosmic reionization and the roles AGN played in this process. My group has been actively working on precursor high-redshift quasar surveys, developing LSST-related simulations of the quasar/AGN population, developing machine-learning-based selection methods, and spectroscopic follow-up strategies. In addition, my group is also working on strong lensing using LSST data and quasar reverberation mapping. 

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