Mario Jurić

University of Washington

LINCC Frameworks Faculty

Mario Jurić is LINCC Faculty at the University of Washington and the director of UW’s Institute for Data-intensive Research in Astronomy and Cosmology (DiRAC). His research interests are centered on using large sky surveys to resolve timely and interesting questions about the universe (from the Solar System to large-scale structure) and the development of technology needed to build and utilize such surveys. Mario’s present science includes the Solar System Pipelines Team for Rubin Observatory (team lead), the DEEP survey of the Outer Solar System (Co-I), and platforms and algorithms for optimized asteroid searches (Product Manager). Technology projects include science platform research, scalable data analysis with Astronomy eXtensions for Spark (PI), and Scalable Infrastructure for Multi-Messenger Astronomy (SCIMMA; Co-I and Product Owner). Mario was previously the Data Management Project Scientist for Rubin (2012-2017).

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