Workshop on LSST Detection of Optical Counterparts of Gravitational Waves

Workshop Description

A workshop will be held at Columbia University to begin the scientific preparation for the detection of optical counterparts of gravitational wave events with LSST. LSST is uniquely suited to find optical counterparts of gravitational waves. Gravitational waves have been detected at high significance by LIGO. Observation of optical counterparts of gravitational wave events, including mergers of black holes and neutron stars, as well as other phenomena, will provide a more precise measurement of the direction, redshift, and other properties of the event necessary for its full characterization. This is essential for testing cosmology, general relativity, and probing the properties of matter at supranuclear densities in neutron stars. 

Workshop Details

  • Date: May 12-13, 2017
  • Location: Columbia University, Pupin Hall

Workshop Support

LSSTC Support: $4,800